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Like this (super true) story about the time I gave my kids a time machine and they accidently caused the end of civilization: https://www.moreemails.com/p/i-gave-my-kids-a-time-machine

Or this (actually true) story about the time I went on a church trip and sang a song about masterbating because I didn’t know what some words meant: https://www.moreemails.com/p/slappin-the-salami-the-musical

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I’m Not Sold Yet.

Ok. Well, here’s what I think:

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It’s like pizza day in elementary school.

More Emails is a bottle of joy bobbing along in the vast sea of ads and meeting invites and Nigerian scams that’s spilling out of your inbox.


Hold On. Who Writes This Shit?

Someday we’ll probably include some other writers, but for now it’s just one guy.

Jason & Poni

That guy is Jason Carr, and he lives in the sun-blasted desert of Phoenix, Arizona (and he loves it there). He’s a father of two boys, feeder of two dogs, a hiker and backpacker, and a pretty big nerd. He makes his living writing words for websites. And emails!

He used to be Mormon. Now his religious affiliation seems to be Drunken Party Beast.

Here’s what’s really important about this guy: He is, at the core of his being, absolutely determined to make everyone laugh.

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