Overheard: Just after that first Easter

Must have been a weird time

Abner: Hey Peter, really sorry to hear about…ya know…what happened to Jesus.

Peter: Yeah, uh, thanks Abner.

Abner: Kinda seems like…maybe that whole Christ thing might be over, huh?

Peter: Yeah…uh. Well, actually, he…came back to life!

Abner: Oh! Uh, wow…really?

Peter: Yeah. Really. Uh, first, he wasn’t in the tomb anymore, and then he visited Mary, and then he came over and hung out with us for a bit. You know, like our core group.

Abner: So like…he’s alive?

Peter: Yeah! He’s totally resurrected. Thomas didn’t believe it but then Jesus appeared like, ‘Boom! Here I am!’, and now even Tom totally believes it. So…

Abner: Wow, Ok. So…where is he now? Is he going to be preaching or anything?

Peter: Oh, well…he left. Actually.

Abner: Uh, like, he left to go where? Rome or something?

Peter: No, uh, he…he went back up to heaven.

Abner: …

Peter: Yeah like, he visited with us for a bit, and then he said that he had to go. Like he’s got some important work to do up there or whatever, so. He ascended.

Abner: He ascended. To heaven.

Peter: Yep. He was totally alive, and then he just like went up. To heaven.

Abner: Oh.

Peter: Yeah.

Abner: Is that it, er…Is he coming back?

Peter: Yes. Yeah, for sure. Uh, before he left he told us that he was coming back. Soon.

Abner: Huh. Well, I guess that’s good…

Peter: Yeah, for sure. Should be any time, really. I mean he did say that no one knows exactly when he’s coming back. Like not even he knows. But he did say it would be pretty soon. Could be tomorrow! Haha.

Abner: Ok. Yeah so like could be tomorrow, could be like a couple thousand years from now? Right?

Peter: Oh-ho god, no. No, I don’t think it’d be that long, haha. No. More like a month? Maybe? Or like a year?

Abner: Sure, well yeah that would make more sense. You know, keep everyone in like one consistent group, following the same…Anyway, glad this whole thing is working out for you guys. I’ll uh…I’ll see you around Peter.

Peter: Yeah, for sure. See you around!