13 Things to do with the Broken Chip Crumbs at the Bottom of the Bag

Even tiny chips deserve to be eaten

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I thought this one would be timely, since we just celebrated Independence Day here in the US, and that generally involves the consumption of some chips (along with grilling meats and launching ariel explosives). And for those who aren’t in the US, well, hopefully you have some chip (or crisp) crumbs somewhere.


  1. Sprinkle them onto a nice taco salad.

  2. Make Chip Soup: Just before the salsa runs out, dump the chip crumbs into the container, stir it all up and go to town (use a spoon). See above illustration. Looks worse than it tastes.

  3. Make Emergency Nachos: Toss in bowl with shredded cheese and microwave for 1.5 minutes (or broil until melted). Top with hot sauce or salsa if so desired.
    Tip from a Reader: Use Cooler Ranch Doritos, Monterey Jack cheese, throw some hot peppers on top and broil for 2.5 minutes. Extra tasty!

  4. Mix them into your dog’s food and hope they don’t notice.

  5. Mix them into your kid’s cereal and hope they don’t notice.

  6. Mix them into your Grandma’s dinner and hope she quickly forgets.

  7. Use them as confetti at your sister’s wedding.

  8. Sell them to Chip Crumb Connoisseurs on Reddit.

  9. Bury them in your front yard to ward off Taco Ghosts.

  10. Save them up until you have enough to trade for something else people don’t really want, like a minivan.

  11. Use them as the focal point of an increasingly unhinged series of conspiratorial Youtube videos that, ideally, ends in a standoff with the FBI.

  12. Use the rocket you’ve been building in your basement for the past 10 years to launch them into space. Mars could really use some chip crumbs.

  13. Do what my wasteful girlfriend does and just toss ‘em because they have been sitting on the counter for 3 weeks and are stale.